Top Garden Tips for May

The growing season has arrived, and you will most definitely see your garden come to life. Here are our top garden tips for May:

1. Don’t let the frostbite!

It’s best not to get too complacent with the weather. If you are hardening off any young plants, keep one eye on the weather forecast. We can still experience late frosts that can damage, or even kill tender plants.

2. Cutting hedge technology!

If your hedges need a trim then get clipping, but be careful to check for any nesting birds!

3. Reach for the stars!

If you are trying your hand at growing climbing plants this year, then it’s time to put in plant supports. The warmer weather and plentiful rain will see them increasing in height every day. Tying them up now will keep them under control and looking neat and tidy well into the summer. Check these regularly to ensure new growth doesn’t cause them to flop!

4. Happy mowing!

Lawns will need mowing weekly now. As the month progresses you can start to lower the blade for a closer cut. Make sure that the ground is dry. Mowing too low can cause scalping, which presents a perfect opportunity for weeds to become established.

5. Stop bugging me!

While bees and other pollinators are healthy for the garden, keep an eye out for pests such as aphids, slugs, and snails. All of these can be removed by hand and placed elsewhere.  Watch closely for their return and keep a keen eye out for hiding places. It’s also good to stay watchful for any signs of fungal disease and treat them before they spread.

6. Get in touch!

Finally, if you are looking for ideas and advice on how to turn your garden from drab to fab in time for summer, then get in touch! We can arrange a free site visit, where you can discuss your requirements with one of our experts and start to make your dream a reality.