Turf laid in Tittensor

An ideal way to create a new lawn is by turfing the area. The other option is seeding the designated area but the problem with this is that it takes up to six months for a seeded lawn to look great whereas a newly turfed lawn will look fantastic and be completely usable within three weeks of it being laid.

The process of creating a newly laid lawn is relatively simple, a two-stage process; the area is prepared and the turf is laid. The key to a great lawn is all in the preparation.

The old turf should be removed. This is also an ideal opportunity to check for any pests and diseases. We would then recommend putting down a thin layer of good quality compost based topsoil. This is an ideal medium for the turf to root into and give it a great start.

Laying Turf in Moddershall Oaks

90% of the work in laying the lawn is spent in the preparation, this means getting the levels perfect. This can be done using string lines, pegs and a level or if you have a good eye for levels this can be sufficient. Sometimes if it is a particularly large area we even use a dumpy level to get the levels perfect.

Once the levels are achieved you can then start laying the turf. We tend to use two types of turf one is a standard field grown turf which the majority of lawns are laid in. Whilst the other is a very high-quality sward and cost five times as much but does look fantastic.

It is good to note that turf is like any other plant and requires maintenance. This can involve the application of Feed & Weed treatments, scarification, aeration, and top dressing. All these methods are important in keeping your lawn looking fantastic all year round.