The traditional British summer is now upon us; plenty of sunshine, and plenty of showers! While we all know our gardens enjoy the rain, there are several jobs you can do to make the most of the wet weather as well.

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Planting can be a perfect job to do while the weather is damp. Contrary to what many people believe, your plants or seeds will not be affected by planting in the rain (unless you are planting in a patch of standing water, which should be avoided). If you are planting new seedlings, the rain will ensure they receive enough water to give them the best possible start.

As well as watering your plants, plants can also be fed during the wet weather. If you sprinkle your fertiliser around the base of the plants, the rain will help feed the fertiliser into the soil and towards the roots.

If you are looking to install anything new in your garden, damp soil may help you to complete this. Spike lighting, lawn edging, putting up your gazebo or anything else that needs to be driven into the soil can be much easier to install following a shower. The damp soil can be much easier to drive things into and ensure they have a firm base.

If the soil is damp, it can be the perfect time to weed! Weeding in damp soil can make it easier to remove the roots; the roots are more likely to slide out of the soil, instead of snapping and breaking off if they are removed when the weather is dry. This can be particularly useful for removing stubborn weeds, such as dandelions or burdock.

Finally, if we experience summer storms, you may notice problems in your garden – tree branches may be damaged, or debris could end up in your garden. These problems should be remedied as soon as possible, to ensure you can enjoy your garden as soon as the sun comes back out!

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