Trimming & Health

As summer approaches it is definitely time to start thinking about your hedges! More specifically, the cutting, pruning, trimming and overall health.

A Good Looking Hedge

Nothing looks better than the crisp line of a freshly cut hedge. We are not just talking aesthetics, we are talking atmosphere, breathing life into your garden. Even a quick trim and tidy of your hedges can make all the difference.

Healthy Hedges

One of the most important factors in hedge health is regular maintenance. Ensuring that your hedge is carefully pruned will make sure that they will grow back healthy and lush every year. Especially with certain hedges, such as the Pyracantha hedge that requires precise pruning due to the flowers and berries.

Wildlife Friendly

We all love to see our gardens full of life, and hedges make fantastic hideaways for nesting birds, even buzzing bees. Bumblebees are a vital part of our ecosystem and nest in hedgerows from March through to September. The RSPB reports that hedges support up to “80% of our woodland birds, 50% of our mammals, and 30% of our butterflies.”

It is important that when managing hedges, it is done with care and professionalism, in order to create safe environments for our wildlife.

WOW! Factor.

If you are after more of a WOW factor? Then let us talk topiary (the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.) A topiary can add depth to the simplest of spaces and make a great focal point for any garden. Trimming hedges into circles, cones, even spirals can make your garden spectacular!

If you want your hedges not only looking neat and tidy but happy and healthy too, then the time to act is now!

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