A photograph of decking provided by Blue Iris Landscapes for a steep garden in Stone, Staffordshire

Steep Garden Solutions in Stone

A sloped or steep garden can make a space unusable if it is not landscaped correctly. We designed a beautiful garden in Stone to make the space usable.

We transformed our client’s garden to make it a usable space which was not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. We used sleeper walls to retain the ground, creating 6 different levels to be planted up to create a beautiful space.

As you can see, we created different levels within the garden with steps to the right-hand side to enable our client to easily access the different levels of the garden. The client had seen images of a previous garden with raised beds and sent this to us as an example of what they would like doing. They asked for us to make their garden level so they had a usable space.  We backfill the sleeper beds with soil so that the client could plant up the area in spring/summer next year.

Initially, a site visit was completed with the client to outline their requirements and measure the garden. From this point, our qualified team was able to compile a detailed quotation and produce a 3D CAD design. This gave the client an excellent idea of how their landscaping would be completed and the costs involved. The CAD drawing gave the client a visual representation of how the garden would look when the different levels had been created.

We used wooden railway sleepers to create the retaining walls in the garden. We opted for a sleeper wall instead of a brick wall to keep the costs down. Although a brick wall would last longer, sleeper walls still have a life expectancy of over 10 years.

We then used gravel to fill the steps and the lower level. It also gives a clean finish to the work. Using the gravel on the steps and the lower level gave a consistent feel to the garden.

Planting up the beds

We recommended that the client plant up their borders with a mixture of shrubs, perennials and herbaceous plants to give colour and interest all year round. We filled the borders with high-quality topsoil so once the plants are in, it gives them the best start at life.

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