Gardening jobs to do in May:


The sun is shining, birds are singing and it’s time for you to spend time in your garden this summer. If your garden needs some help getting back in shape,  here at Blue Iris Landscapes we offer our clients a One-Off Gardening Service which can prepare your garden for Summer.


  1. Be sure to thin out young roots for tasty vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and lettuce. Ensure that you water the rows well.
  2. Harden off dahlias and tender exotics such as Canna for planting soon.
  3. Ensure you feed and water all container plants. Feeding is essential to give plants a boost prior to the stresses of a new growing season. If they are not fed they will start to look unhealthy.
  4. Plant up pots of summer bedding and harden off before placing in position.
  5. Continue to weed beds and borders as and when necessary. A few weeds such as clovers can be tolerated – many are beneficial for bio-diversity and wildlife but if left uncontrolled they will spread out, competing with desired plants. Weed control options include physical removal, installation of physical barriers and the use of chemical weed killer.
  6. Choisya flowered shoots should be cut back to promote a second flush of flowers in autumn.

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