Professional Gardener in Haslington - Garden Maintenance

Getting started in the garden can feel intimidating for beginners. We’ve put together 4 tips to help you get started!

Know Your Tools

Some jobs just can’t be done by hand, so a selection of staple tools is essential for any gardener.

For planting, get yourself a spade and a hand trowel. A large spade is useful for digging soil and planting large plants. A hand trowel is best for smaller plants.

Investing in a hand fork and large border fork will make weeding a much easier task.

Finally, a pair of sharp secateurs and thick leather gloves are crucial for pruning and cutting stems.

As with any tool, you must keep your gardening tools clean and dry. Not only will they be easier to use and last longer, but regular cleaning will also prevent plant diseases from spreading through your garden.

Choose plants wisely

It is very tempting to be drawn in by what you see at the garden centre, and impulse buy plants. As a beginner, it will pay dividends to take the time to choose suitable, healthy plants.

Whatever you buy, ensure you inspect the plant thoroughly before purchasing. Check for discoloured leaves and broken branches, as this might hint at disease or deficiency. Similarly, if a plant is growing poorly, you may want to choose something else.

An inspection of the plant goes beyond what you see straight away. Often, you can tell a lot about a plant by what is going on in its roots. If you can slide the plant out of its pot, check its roots. If you can’t see the soil for the roots, or they are poking through the drainage holes, then it is best avoided. Similarly, if the plant has moss or weeds growing on top of the compost, it is a sign that the plant has not been looked after.

Look out for weeds

Weeds are the enemy for our gardens. They steal sunlight, water, and space, therefore, it is imperative that we identify them quickly and get rid of them effectively. Dandelions, daisies, and nettles are all common British weeds. Lesser-known weeds include Japanese Knotweed (a highly invasive and destructive weed), docks, and buttercups.

Weeding is an ongoing maintenance job. The key is to catch the weeds before they set seed and remove as much of the root from the soil as possible.

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