Pressure Washing

Pressure washing (also known as power washing) uses a highly pressurised water jet to blast away dirt, moss, lichens, algae and even chewing gum from hard surfaces. It can greatly improve the appearance of your stone/concrete flags, wooden decking, patios and tarmac. It also makes them less slippery, which is important for health and safety, particularly on steps and pathways.

We can carry out pressure washing for just £1.50+VAT per square metre. This is subject to a minimum charge of £180.00 including VAT for coming to your garden or place of work to carry out the service.

We always visit the site first to inspect it for health and safety purposes. From this visit we also provide you with an accurate, written quote. Our team have extensive experience of pressure washing and use a commercial high-pressure power washer. This specialist, heavy-duty equipment enables them to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, giving paved areas a new lease of life!

Once the surface has been cleaned, it can be left as it is or a sealant can be applied. We recommend that pressure washing is carried out twice a year to keep your paved areas in top condition.

When pressure washing block paving we recommend applying kiln dried sand. This makes a significant difference to the finish, making the area look as good as the day it was laid!

Contact us now for a quote for all of your pressure washing work.