Lawn Mowing

Blue Iris Landscapes have a few garden tips for November for you to consider over this month to ensure that your garden is as healthy as possible:

  • Give your gaLawn Mowingrden a spring clean… in the autumn! This will reduce the amount of pests and diseases over the winter period. Use Jeys fluid or similar garden disinfectant to make sure that your greenhouse is in tip top condition.
  • Keep on top of your borders this season by digging up your old annuals and replacing them with winter bedding – this might include: Pansies, Bellis and Wallflowers.
  • Lawn aeration and scarification could be useful to carry out before the winter if your lawn is looking a little bit down in the dumps. Click HERE to find out how to do this.
  • Clear out last year’s compost and use it around the garden on areas that may need extra nutrients.
  • Is your garden looking a little boring and colourless? Evergreen plants add colour and life through the dark cold months.

Cut your Hedges this Month

Are you looking to have some work carried out in order to maintain your garden and make it look neat and tidy over the next few cold months? Get this done now just to make sure that your garden looks neat and tidy over the off-peak season.

Our team will come and cut your hedges using our professional chainsaws to give the best cut, the hedges would then be trimmed neatly to give the best quality finish – squaring them off perfectly! At Blue Iris Landscapes, we offer the premium service and carry out a wide range of jobs, working hard to leave you with the perfect garden, improving the aesthetics of your garden so that you don’t have to! All we want from you is for you to enjoy it afterward!

Please give us a ring for further information on what we can offer you to help to work towards your dream garden!