Gardening To Do’s:

  • It is recommended that you give your lawns a good feed, at this time of year. However, make sure the grass is marginally damp before applying.
  • Flea Beatles make a home in the leaves of radishes, Chinese greens, rocket etc. So you need to water them persistently in order for seeds to germinate and seedlings to develop, fast enough to tolerate any damage that may be caused.
  • Feed your roses in order for them to grow stronger to prevent black spot.
  • Make cuttings of Fuchsias, using the top two or three inches of non-flowering shoots.
  • Replant rhizome sections with roots and a fan of leaves. It is also important you make sure the tops of rhizome are visible.
  • Keep fruit trees and bushes watered well. However, don’t worry if your apples begin to fall as its natural.
  • Good ventilation is needed in glasshouses to avoid an attack of red spider mites. If you do have infestations try a biological control.
  • Keep soil moist and add mulch to potted Acers. This avoids the leaves from drying out.

Asked and answered

Question: Should you avoid pruning the foliage of alliums to ensure they flower next year?

Answer: Most alliums come from hot and dry climates where their flowers fall off or are burnt off much sooner than when the flowers fade.


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