Gardening Updates with Blue Iris Landscapes

The Blue Iris Landscapes team have loved being outside carrying out their regular and one-off maintenance jobs this month. I’m sure you are also noticing the weather getting warmer and different spring plants starting to bloom.

There are a few gardening updates that we would like to stress to you for this month. Although carrying these out individually won’t change the world, by being aware of all of the jobs to do over the course of our updates then you will be bound to have a fantastic looking and much more healthy garden! Some things to consider:

  • Roses- Once you have finished pruning, give each rose a good fistful of rose feed. Work it into the soil and around the base.
  • Pelargonium- Those that are situated in the conservatory, tidy up and then feed them and give them water.
  • Summer is on its way so we need to start giving our plants some attention to help them on their way to producing well and making your garden look lovely

If you would like more information on Roses or Pelargonium then please contact us either by telephone: 01782 396 168 or e-mail in at- We would love to hear from you!