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How to Prepare for Seed Sowing

Remove any debris from trays and pots with a hand brush. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and then dip them in a bowl of hot water.

Lay the trays outside on a bright day, rinse with a hose then allow then to drain and dry out before stacking them. If you are buying trays, opt for smooth-sided ones with no indentations. The sleeker the tray, the less opportunity there is for slugs to hide near the seedlings.

When the time has arrived in order to sow the seedlings, choose good seed compost, open the bag and allow it aerate. When filling the pots leave a little room at the top, this will allow better drainage. Always water the seedlings using only mains water using a watering can.

If you have any further questions on seed sowing why not contact us today?