Lawn Care

A healthy, cared-for lawn is a marvel. In addition to providing your family with a beloved place to play and relax, it also nourishes the environment and raises your property value. Here at Blue Iris Landscapes, we provide lawn care as a part of our Garden Maintenance Service.

Our Advice…

If your lawn wasn’t scarified last autumn now would be a good time to do it. By scarifying you remove the dead thatch and moss from the lawn. Once the lawn starts to grow you can give it a spring feed which will do wonders towards helping it green up nice and quickly. A good lawn brings all the elements of your garden together and creates a perfect area for relaxation and fun.

We can carry this out for you from just £30 depending on the size of the lawn. If we can be of help with your lawn care, please get in touch by contacting us on one of the following: –

Free Phone:  0800 0937926

Head Office:  01782 396168