Plant Accolade

There are some plants you should look out for this spring, therefore, we have set up a plant accolade article.

Magnolia stellata ‘water lily’


Pulminaria rubra

Camellia japonica ‘Bob’s Tinsie’

This is a compact shrub which spreads as it gets older. It has amazing white, star-shaped flowers with as many as 32 tepals from bare branches in early springtime. The buds are born from beautiful silky, pale pink buds that can reach across 12cm. The leaves are lance-shaped, mid-green and nearly 10cm long. This hardy evergreen is one of the first to flower. Brick-red, funnel-shaped+ flowers appear on short leafy stems arising from unspotted foliage. They prefer shade and can grow up to 40cm in late winter and early spring. This upright shrub grows to 2.5m tall and up to 2m wide, with small evergreen leaves. It thrives in sun or partial shade but must be planted in acidic soil. This camellia flowers from early to late spring.


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