With April showers and the increase in temperature, it is safe to say Spring is finally here! This is the ideal weather to get in the garden, not only to work in but to enjoy all your hard work! We are seeing the sun properly for the first time all year, your garden is thriving with flowers and your lushes green grass is looking the brightest it has all year – at least it should be!

Mowing: This is the most important (and obvious) maintenance tasks over the spring. Mowing regularly keeps the lawn looking good and healthy which allows it to look lush and crisp.
Feeding: In mid-spring (late march – April) use a proprietary spring or summer lawn fertiliser at the manufacturer’s recommended rates. This will help prevent weeds and moss from establishing and encourage vigour in the sward.
Moss: Poorly drained, damp lawns can have a huge problem with moss. Spring is a good time to remedy moss problems.
Spring treatment for moss:
• Apply spring fertiliser and moss killer during fine weather.
• Leave a few weeks and then lightly rake.
• Lightly over-seed sparsely grassed areas and lightly top-dress as necessary.
Light scarification and treatments are an ideal two-pronged attack against moss.

If you want to get ahead with your summer lily display, plant the lily bulbs in pots now. Planting them into pots is recommended as you can simply move them around the patio or into any gaps as they come into flower! Using a good, multi-purpose compost is ideal for planting to ensure your plants get all the nutrients they need.

If you would like any advice on grass care or information about looking after, bulbs, flowers, and any other shrubs please feel free to give our office a call, whether it is just for some advice or an inquiry into our maintenance or landscaping work.

Maintenance of your garden is vital at this time of the year to ensure you really reap the benefits later in the summer. Although the spring showers can be off-putting, persevere, it is the better part of valour and certainly makes a difference in your garden. Happy gardening!

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