Feather edge Fence


Sometimes rather than a boundary hedge a more permanent feature is required to define the boundary. Due to this often being the case we can offer a number of styles of fencing. The basically fall in to two categories; concrete post and wooden post. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, these can include cost and … Continue reading “Fencing”

Turf laid in Tittensor


An ideal way to create a new lawn is by turfing the area. The other option is seeding the designated area but the problem with this is that it takes up to six months for a seeded lawn to look great whereas a newly turfed lawn will look fantastic and be completely useable within three … Continue reading “Turfing”

Gardener in Prestbury

Garden Maintenance

We look after 102 properties, where we carry out their garden maintenance, this often includes four main groups of work: 1. Lawns (Scarification, Aeration, Feed & Weed treatments) 2. Plants (Pruning as appropriate to increase flowering and further healthy growth, re-planting and feeding) 3. Borders (Weeding, hoeing, shaping, mulching and advice) 4. Hedges (Trimming when … Continue reading “Garden Maintenance”

Landscaping in Brown Edge - Decking

Landscaping – Decking

Decking is an ideal way of creating a primary or secondary seating area, a place that is ideal to sit out on, relax and entertain friends from. The way we construct our decking is by concreting 100mm2 posts into the ground at 2m centres. The reason for this is you need a secure base to … Continue reading “Landscaping – Decking”

Patio in Hilderstone

Landscaping – Patios & Terraces

A patio area is a great asset if you are considering landscaping your garden. They make fantastic spaces for interesting furniture, as well as a practical place to entertain guests. When thinking about adding a patio to your garden, you first have to decide where it is going to be situated, near the house for … Continue reading “Landscaping – Patios & Terraces”

Tree and Hedge Planting in Rugeley, Staffordshire

Tree and Hedge Planting in Rugeley, Staffordshire

This was a large tree and hedge planting job completed in Rugeley, Staffordshire. This project involved planting one hundred and twenty five 4 to 5 metre tall trees. They ranged from traditional woodland trees such as Oak and Beech to some more unusual tees such as the Lirodendron tuliphera which is a beautiful specimen tree … Continue reading “Tree and Hedge Planting in Rugeley, Staffordshire”

Landscaping Job in Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent

Landscaping job in Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent

Do you want a landscaping job in Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent completed to create your dream garden? We have carried out a number of different landscaping jobs in Lightwood and the surrounding area. These range from soft landscaping to hard landscaping. We have extended patio areas or decking areas all the way to full garden make-overs. We … Continue reading “Landscaping job in Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent”