Things to do in February

Gardening jobs to do in February   1. Keep paths clear of moss, lichens and algae. This can be done by power washing or spraying with diluted Jays fluid.   2. Prune your roses.   3. Sow vegetables under cover, either in a heated greenhouse or on the kitchen windowsill. You may, depending on the … Continue reading “Things to do in February”

Landscaping Projects

In the winter and early spring, not many people go out into their gardens, but there are things to do. Borders need to be hoed and weeded, leaves to be gathered and the last of the herbaceous plants need to be pruned back. In reality though, very often customers leave these things to us or they … Continue reading “Landscaping Projects”

Logs for Sale

We sell logs in a mixture of hard, soft and red woods. If you want you can come and pick your own and pay for what you take. Oak and beech are a common choice but less well known varieties such as apple and eucalyptus are just as good and also give off a pleasant aroma. Logs should … Continue reading “Logs for Sale”

Gardening Jobs to do in January

  1. Winter is the time to prune wisteria, as, where space allows they can grow uncontrollably. We ensure growth is maintained as the plants usually start flowering more freely if they are pruned regularly. To encourage flowering spurs prune the plants twice a year. Please ensure pruning shears are sharp and in good working order. … Continue reading “Gardening Jobs to do in January”

Pruning Fruit Trees

Depending on what fruit tree we are talking about will depend on the time of the year that it is pruned. Now is an ideal time to carry out pruning on apple, pear and plum trees. We will talk about plum trees later in some more depth as they are slightly different in their pruning … Continue reading “Pruning Fruit Trees”